About Marcus

Marcus Mok has a passion for photography and has been enjoying his craft as a professional for 15 years. His artistic nude photographs have been acquired by the Singapore Art Museum, The Kinsey Institute in USA  and other valuable private collections around the world. He has exhibited in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and USA and have been featured in international publications.

Specialising in photographing people, he has photographed many celebrities like Hossan Leong, Vernetta Lopez and Keagan Kang. He is also a successful  stock image photographer.  His travel images appear in publications and advertisements around the world through international stock agencies such as Getty Images, Corbis and the Asia Images Group.

Having been a model and actor himself has helped Marcus experiment with more exciting concepts, poses and lighting. Marcus thrives very much on creativity when he is behind the lens, and loves to capture images that are dynamic and different than the ordinary. That has become the signature style.

Marcus loves photographing people as he enjoys human interaction, being the gregarious person he is. He often employs a consultative approach in his sessions to bring out the best in his subjects or to achieve a totally refreshing look to his pictures. Marcus employs a very relaxed atmosphere while he is working with his clients. In fact, the natural look and the simple elegance in his pictures is the reason why so many clients choose Marcus as their photographer. Nevertheless, Marcus continually tries to outdo himself and is relentless in his quest for that perfect shot. Despite being much sought after, Marcus remains very affordable.

Celebrity and People Photography

You can view Marcus’ Celebrity and People Photography  at  www.marcusmok.com